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Before we dive in, the Intelis Capital team is headed to the Bay Area from February 18th-21st. 

There’s only a few spots still open on our calendars and we’d love to connect with some of you during our trip! Please send me an email ( if you’re interested in getting together.


52% - Bearish wagers on West Texas Intermediate Crude increased by 52% for the week ending Jan. 28 — the biggest spike since August 2018. (Bloomberg)

TCS: We’d already seen concerns about oil demand in China for 2020, but the coronavirus outbreak has made things substantially worse. We might be inline for even more consolidation or assets being sold for pennies on the dollar as private investors fear smaller, private energy companies can’t weather a lengthy downturn

$2 Billion - A roughly $2 billion proposal in the works calls for AEP utilities to acquire three planned Oklahoma wind farms. (EnergyNews)

TCS: AEP has been working to acquire renewable assets for the last few years. In 2019, they acquired a portion of Sempra’s renewable assets as well. The coal giant is looking to shift quickly to renewables in a move that continues coal’s descent as a fuel source on the US power grid.

Our Latest Posts

How We Define ‘Climatetech’ - As a result of the scope of sustainability and the sudden increase in interested parties, clarity around “what is energy tech” or “what is climate tech” is harder to come by.

There’s no right answer, but the one thing we can all agree on is that the opportunity for technology in and around the energy ecosystem is generationally huge.

The Energy Transition in 3 Acts - We’re in the very early innings of what will be a multi-decade transformation of a multi-trillion dollar sector.  When we look back on how our infrastructure and consumption habits shifted in the first half of this century, I believe we’ll see 3-4 phases all marked by their own distinct characteristics.

Deep Dives

Energy and Industrial VC Activity Down for 2019 - After the surge in 2018, the 2019 numbers reveal a shift towards fewer early-stage investments and higher valuations – a surprising retreat in overall funding dollars and deal volume. (VentureBeat)

TCS: Despite all the noise surrounding energy tech during the last few months, VC investing in the sector was actually down from 2018. These numbers will start to increase in 2020, but we’re along way from enough early-stage capital in the space.

Presidential Candidates’ Climate Plans Explained - What’s happening today, and what happens in the U.S. presidential election in November, will have far-reaching consequences that will shape our lives for decades. This article scores each candidate on 5 major categories including power and transportation. (NRDC)

TCS: Climate, energy and infrastructure tech are all heavily reliant on policy and 2020 could end up being a monumental year for determining how much help startups and investors get from government programs.

Switched Off

This week’s non-energy related read. 

How Nike Broke Running - Nike Vaporfly shoes have transformed the sport of running. The dominance of the trainers means that running will never be the same again and elite running has become a messy affair. (Wired UK)

TCS: I’ve long be a fan of Nike purely because I admire their branding and relentless pursuit of technological advancement for athletes. Phil Knight’s autobiography Shoe Dog only increased that interest. This article highlights how Nike’s advancements are now considered “technological doping” by some.

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