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$80 Billion - The cost of a coast-to-coast super grid according to a National Energy Laboratory study that was pulled back by the DoE for further study. (E&E News)

40% - The estimated overlap in costs between offshore wind and oil and gas infrastructure construction and maintenance, a key driver in getting the O&G majors to invest in wind. (Axios)


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Perceived Risk and Market Size - If you are building consumer products in critical sectors like energy, the customer’s perceived risk must be significantly lower than the value your startup creates.

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Deep Dives

How Chevron chooses inclusion in an industry that struggles with diversity - When someone thinks of women in the workforce — the energy industry might not come to mind. Find out why Chevron is out to change that. (HR Dive)

Tracking the Forces that are Threatening the World’s Hottest Economies - The New Economy Drivers and Disruptors Report captures the forces shaping the pattern of winners and losers in the global economy. (Bloomberg)

David Rubenstein on Profit, Purpose & Climate - The co-founder and Executive Chairman of one of the largest private investment groups in the world discusses the new corporate reality. (IMF)


Switched Off

This Week’s Non-Energy Related Read

Adam Neumann and the Art of Failing Up - WeWork’s CEO found a kindred spirt with an open checkbook. Now he’s walking away from the failed IPO with $1B.  (New York Times)


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